My Sculpture Process
These many-faceted sculptures are powerful images of female torsos. They are constructed and deconstructed with multiple body parts (breasts) that reflect the body in movement. 

The bronze sculptures can be placed equally well inside and out doors. They are particularly effective within a garden. The bronze is cast using the lost wax method. The individual parts are then assembled and welded in place. 

The sculptures can easily withstand the most extreme weather conditions. They are left unwaxed, so that the patina, or coloring will undergo subtle changes that in time will add to their beauty. 

Sensuous, voluptuous, muscular are a few words that describe these works of art, both large and small. A nail or bolt in a wall stud easily supports the sculptures designed for a wall. 

Whatever the size or scale, they are a commanding presence in any setting.

RUTH AIZUSS MIGDAL SCULPTURE STUDIO • Chicago Illinois • 773 807-5123 - Phone • aizussmigdal@mac.com